round up the posse

On Tuesday, I made sure my alarm woke me in time to be one of the first people in line to purchase the new Tori Amos album, American Doll Posse.

After walking out the door with it, I tear rip the plastic off and start thumbing through the 36-page booklet that accompanies it. All beautiful pictures of the five girls: Tori, Pip, Clyde, Isabel, and Santa. Click on their links to go to each of their blogs.

On ADP Tori graces us with 23 tracks. These aren't lame songs that are all light in mood and boring lyrics. These songs are reminiscent of her past works of Boys For Pele, From the Choirgirl Hotel and To Venus and Back. Homegirl brought back guitar on many of the tracks and she is rowdy again. Below are some bangin' lyrics...

Yo George
Is this just the madness of King George
Yo George
Well you have the whole nation
on all fours

Teenage Hustling
But you been skankin' around
with your talentless trash
You only shoot blanks
at your cocksure best
me and my Teenage Hustling

Father's Son
Stead boy watch them pray
To you I suspect
If you keep my flesh firm
I'll ready those sacraments

Programmable Soda
Think of me as programmable soda
'cause I've come
I've come to accept that
for lovelies you are a fanatic
But I can't
I can't let that throw me
into a genital panic

Almost Rosey
Now about when violet died
The cause still unidentified
She thought her love would be enough
But you can't seduce seduction

Her tentacles of endless want
Reach through my corridors
and tempt me to taste of her power
I sober with the witching hour

And when I hear of one more bomb
Yes we have all been robbed of song
and nightingales who throw their arms up
When is enough enough?

Dark Side of the Sun
So how many young men have to lay down
their life and their love of their woman
for some sick promise of a heaven

In closing I urge you to go out an buy ADP as soon as you can. Not because I'm a rabid Tori fan, but because this is an amazing album I know you'll enjoy.

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nancy said...

Did you get the free poster? I have it hanging up in my cubical.