plastic success

I am piecing a potion
To combat your poison

How can people be as shady as they are? Sneaky, they practice ill movements. Throw blame at others, when really they are just trying to cover their own ass.

I'm not running any show other than my own. So, with that said, what I say comes from just this one source. But what I do know, from how I run the show and how the (wo)man runs the show is very different. I try to be honest, but end up looking gullible. I put sweat into it, but it can look as though I'm slacking.

To the (wo)man: You're a pussy. You hide behind your own fears and failures. You strut your shit all over town. You should be smarter than that. You're a success whore. But your success isn't quite what it should be. You stab people in their back and make them feel the blame - while the knife is still in. Your army is weak and your supply drained and in the hole. Maybe you can call on your rich friends, get them to fly you out of the mess you made with their private jet.

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