on the move

This past weekend I went down to St. Louis to help my friend Brian move. He had a lot of miles to spend since his job is flying everywhere, so he brought me down. While in St Louis, we ate at a very nice deli and went to the zoo. I always love visiting zoos, and this one is free, which fit my budget so well. Lord knows why we went when it was raining. But my favorite was the penguins. They had a four foot wall of glass that separated us from the birds. So close you could touch them. It was amazing.

Then came the actual move. What seemed like thousands of boxes to carry three stories, were actually under 10. But we did haul out two couches and other large objects. The moving truck had a funny picture on it with a stick figure yelling at their couch, saying: Moving Tip #72 - it's ok to curse at heavy furniture.

This patriotic pine tree air freshener was on the inside. Go America!

We made it to Chicago. After a five and a half hour trek going at a top speed of 55 mph. Unloading was better than loading. That night we ate Burger King. A nasty hamburger never tasted so glorious.

The next morning made up for the night before dinner. We met Kristin and Tiffany at Bongo Room. Only eating their twice now, it has become my favorite breakfast spot in Chicago.

I had the sweet potato puree with black beans, scrambled eggs, sour cream, and salsa. It was amazing.

After brunch was shopping. Why shopping? I don't have any money!

After shopping we went to see Matt at his new place. Hello section 8 housing (a little over a block away from him). His new apartment was very nice and had a kick ass roof to party on.

Later that evening I had dinner with Megan and Kevin. We went to a wonderful tapas place called Ba-Ba-Reeba!

I can't wait until their wedding in October. It will be glorious I tell you. After that I had drinks with my friend Mark where he let me vent. Thank you.

Monday evening I headed to Midway only to find my flight delayed an hour. It never fails, I have always had flight delays leaving Chicago. The one time it was on time was when I woke up 30 minutes before my flight left.

While in the airport I paid $7 for internet because I was too tired to read a book. I saw a lady drop her baby on the cement floor. It was very sad, but the baby seemed to be fine.

I have everyone asking when I am moving to Chicago. Yes, I have talked about it since the first time I went to visit. Well folks, I am not moving for some time. But I will definitely visit every chance I get. And when I do move, Ashley better get ready to have a roommate for a second go.


Danelle the Photographer said...

chicago has $49 southwest flights so its ok if you want to move there. i can visit often.

Danelle the Photographer said...

ps i hope that baby is ok.

Ashley said...

Yeah to Chi-town!! I heart it and I heart Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! They have the best tapas! And we will have a bangin time at Meg and K-Fed's wedding (Kevin loves it when I call him that:) Someday Jimbo, someday...