flown by

My, how it's flown. Thanks to Katie for reminding me it has been one year since our trip took place. One year since I have graduated from school. One year full of ups and downs.

You may or may not keep in touch with every special person that has made you laugh, made you cry, seen you make a fool of yourself, enjoyed your first white beer with, try to figure out crappy phone cards to call home, pay for internet in a shady cafe, almost get abducted by men in a van, who grind their teeth in their sleep, takes the longest in the bathroom, who takes pictures of every single thing (but are so thankful they capture those moments), who you can vent to, cry to, smile to, gossip to, eat steak and ale pie with, get lost on the tubes with, ride the eye with, see a crazy girl purchase a set of knives at a square along with a kimono, play street tennis with, and last and very importantly, get lost in strange cities together - because without them, you would be lost by yourself, and not with the people you were meant to be lost with.

I couldn't think of better people to get lost with.


Katie said...

I'll get lost with you any day.

Danelle the Photographer said...


hugs and kisses!