Rosie Thomas | El Perro Del Mar

Tuesday evening we headed over to LA's Ex-Plx to see the El Perro Del Mar show. I only knew of a few of her songs, but enjoyed the soft echoing melodies - I was interested to hear more.

Rosie Thomas opened. She came out and said a squeaky hello. The speaking voice of an eight-year-old, but the singing voice of a mature, floating on clouds, younger but more rebellious sister to Sarah McLaughlin. I liked her a lot, her lyrics, playfulness and openness to her audience, telling stories of her father's PT Cruiser and drinking margaritas prior to the concert.

El Perro Del Mar was good. She sounded the exact same from the album. Her songs are easy to sing along to due to very few lines. The melodies are fun to listen to. I enjoyed how her three male band members were dressed - all in black suits with skinny ties. They may have hated her from the glares they kept giving her during her set. She was taller than I had imagined. Pretty with a classic look. If I could give advice to her it would be to get that stick out of your ass, smile, and be kind to your audience. Overall, I enjoyed her.

I hope to see Rosie Thomas again.

Bicycle tricycle take me far with
My hands on your handlebars. I can’t
Be homecoming queen for every boy
That falls in and out of love with me.
I won’t look back
I’ve been here before
I’ve been here before
I’ll turn my back
Whatever it takes to let him go
Flower dress strawberry red
I must confess you’re my safety pin
Hold me together hide me well
So he cannot tell the state that I am in
I won’t look back
I’ve been here before
Been here before
I’ll turn my back
Whatever it takes to let him go
Roller skates figure eights
Roll me away and I won’t complain
I’ll bring my raincoat boots and umbrella
So he can’t ever rain on my parade

Bicycle Tricycle, Rosie Thomas


Anonymous said...

I love rosie thomas

Jimmy said...

who is this that loves rosie?