friday, march 30, 2007

from the little wanderlust journal from mary.

i can hear the seals in the distance
i wonder how far away they are
just past a few boats-
or further,
their barks carried on the salty wind
the tide at this time of day has lowered
shells and rocks
left behind by the lapping waves-
a painting in the sand
the distance of the sail
is the distance i feel now
when there is only silence
we're right next to each other-
yet you are like the foggy island-
its outline barely visible
i look forward to the moments
of feeling young-
like the brother and sister
splashing around in the clumsy waves
i've often wondered
that we lose interest in splashing in waves
playing in the sand
i think
it's because...
i don't know why
i also wonder
how it is
you can leave
without the simple
'see you later'
even the waves whisper 'goodbye'
kissing the sand
one last time
before it
retreats back

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