did i die?

Did I die? No, but for a couple moments I thought I did. Our last ride of the day at Magic Mountain was Goliath. It reaches 235 feet into the clouds - with a 255 foot drop - and flys at an alarming 85 miles per hour. Not only do you just glide down on your initial hill, you drop at 61 degrees, which pretty much seems like an elevator ride. The left side of the picture below is the drop.

Out of all the rides we rode, the spinney rides were my favorite. My least favorite being X - I opened my eyes once for a few seconds until I realized that might not be a great idea.

All in all, I had a wonderful day. Next time we will be going back, I will be dragging Heather on the rides!


Anonymous said...

wow you two are so cute, haha i was laughing along with the video! what song do you have playing in the background?

Danelle the Photographer said...

you guys are too cute and happy and it makes me happy.

ps nice chea-pet wind hair.