first day

Today was my first day working at Starbucks. I was excited. Not nervous. And sleepy.

It was a lot of reading and filling out paperwork. While reading, I noticed two homeless men sitting in the patio area outside. One was drinking vodka. I hesitated to ask my manager, Carolyn, what the policy was with homeless people consuming alcohol on the premises, so I kept it to myself.

From reading I went into learning how to clean the condiments table and followed Dianne around as she whiped off tables and counters. After cleaning, she showed me how to make Frappuchinos. They seemed simple enough. Lines told you how far to fill the coffee or creme mix. The tricky part was pouring the blended drink. Dianne told me to hit the side of it on the counter top. It took me five minutes my first try. I gave it another go with a different drink. She told me when she first started she would always pour the frozen drink all over the counter. As she spoke those words, I did just that.

While I continued making drinks with the blender. Carolyn told us not to be alarmed if the police came in because she called the cops on the homeless men. When the cops arrived, they made the intoxicated man put his arms on his head.

'Oh my goodness, his pants fell down,' Dianne said. Like a trainwreck, I had to look. Not only was he homeless and drunk (at 11 a.m.), but he was now naked from the waist down. The sight was very unpleasant. Carolyn assured me this wasn't normal. Later we found out one had urinated on one of the chairs and the other deficated on the other.

After that I trained on the computer, which was less exciting than watching cops make homeless men leave.

Then my shift ended. It was a wonderful first day. I got to test two different types of coffee, eat a blueberry muffin and a piece of dark chocolate. Let's hope I don't get chubby from working here.


Danelle the Photographer said...

ohh my! What a fun first day!!!

love you!

Ashley said...

I heart the low-fat Blueberry muffins. Also, when I come to visit someday I will need a sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla latte with shots on top!