The State of Nebraska vs. Karen N. Walker

So I've been ordered, by the State of Nebraska, to appear in court as a witness next Friday. This is because I caught that girl trying to cash a check, months ago, that wasn't hers - and upon their inspection, they also found meth and the ingredients to make meth in her friend's car. I felt horrible for turning her in, I'm not sure why. Maybe it isn't that I feel bad, but that I feel embarassed for her.
So anyways, while in court, I wish to yell something out loud, for all jury members and judge to hear. Something that will make time stand still and maybe change the way peole view things. "I object!" I'll yell. Or maybe they won't even need me to testify, and I'll be yelling in my head, to myself, which is something that isn't new at all.


molly said...

Only you, would have to testify against someone name Karen Walker...aka Will & Grace. Who do you want to be Will, Jack...or maybe Grace!?!

Jimmy said...

I was thinking Rosie.