Pretty Denny

So four years have passed since my father has been around to make us laugh and to play his tricks on us. Four strange years, and oh, how they keep getting stranger. Maybe he is putting ice on Jesus's chair when he gets up to use the restroom? I'd like to think so.

boys get discovered as winter MELTS
flowers competing for the sun
years go by and I’m here still waiting
withering where some snowman was
mirror mirror where’s the crystal palace
but I only can see myself
SKATING around the truth who I am
but I know dad the ice is getting thin
hair is grey and the fires are burning
so many dreams on the shelf
you say I wanted you to be PROUD of me
I always wanted that myself
he says when you gonna make up your mind
when you gonna love you as much as I do
when you gonna make up your mind
cause things are gonna change so fast
all the WHITE HORSES have gone ahead
I tell you that I’ll always want you near
you say that things change my dear...


Heather B said...

this is exactly why I can't listen to Winter, pulls at the heartstrings. I miss your dad, I hope him and my parents are playing cards somewhere!

Jimmy said...

You know they are!

molly said...

we love you james. xoxo. mols and puds