Nothing is what it seems

Every night I have new dreams. Dreams that I thought once made sense. Now, they have gotten away from me. Maybe I'm having someone else's dreams, I'm not really sure. I had one the other night with Jamie in it.
It goes like this: Her and I are in my living room. She says, "I have something to tell you that I've never told anyone before." "OK, well what is it?" I say. Just then, Babe (Jamie) drops her pants to reveal she has a penis. I about die. The only thing I can think of at the time is if this makes her boyfriend, Michael, gay or not. That same night I also had dreams of people who lived in caves wearing yellow jump suits, much like the ones Uma Therman wore in Kill Bill.


Heather B said...

That was ... graphic :)

molly said...

Have no fear...I will never reveal to you that I really have a penis.

Michael said...

Nice Dream