No Judge Ito

So today was my big day in court. My boss, Teri, and I drove to the Tower and Julie from the security dept. walked to the court house with us. I've never been to the court house, and it's a good thing I left my .09 at home, because they have metal detectors.

We sat waiting for everything to start. It looked nothing like Law & Order. It was this stuffy room with lawyers and criminals running around. They would yell out a name to make sure you're there. They kept yelling, "Shannon Walker!" (Sorry, it's Shannon, not Karen). Finally, the little hooker-bitch came in, late of course, and just as strung out as I last remember her.

At the end of it all, Shannon didn't accpet the bargain our lawyer gave her, which was $500. So now I have to go back, to the same stuffy room in a month or so to testify. This time, they say, she is more likely to go to the big house because she has a long record of drugs and such.

It was all a strange experience, and Ms. Shannon Walker will be out on the streets, so all of you beware, she will try to sell meth to you, just kindly say no, walk away, and wait for our next court date.

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molly said...

Now you have the stress of picking our another outfit...and I know how hard it is for you to NOT look like a dirty little slut.