runner no. 911

I had my first official race on Monday. This was the 5 Mile Boys Town Memorial Day Run. I wasn't prepared for it but Dennis said we'd do ok. I'd like to say, he was good and I made it through. I was happy I ran the entire race, if you consider running so slow a turtle could pass you running. Below is my ranking - I did mediocre for overall placing but my age division sucks balls.

Distance: 5M
Time: 46:28
Pace: 9:18
Overall Place: 596 of 1190
Place in Gender: 397 of 597
Division M25-29 Place: 49 of 74

One thing I hated was the end of the race where everyone cheers for you. I was happy it was almost over, but all the people gave me anxiety - and I thought I was going to vomit. I thought I might die if I make it to the finish line and throw up my protein bar as they take my time.


Danelle The PR Girl... said...

good job.
im proud of you jimbo!

Katie said...

I'd be the cheerleader!