it glows in the dark

This past weekend Dennis and I went to Chicago to see Kanye West's Glow In The Dark tour. I'll write more about the trip later, but wanted to say a few words about the show first.

The crowd was eclectic - white boys who thought they were the bomb, girls in dresses so short I swear I saw crotch, the black guys with bling, and the queers. We missed Lupe Fiasco, which I'm not heartbroken by. NERD was better than their Omaha performance a couple months ago, but maybe that was because of the looming pot smoke. Rihanna was awesome. She came out in a crazy black dress singing my favorite song off her new album, Breakin Dishes. She also sang the popular ones - SOS and a rock version of Umbrella.

I was expecting Kanye to be amazing. Mind-blowing. Out of the world! But, I didn't get what I expected. Maybe it's the fact I don't care for people who have large egos and are full of shit. Someone who loves them self so much that they are the only one on stage for the entire performance and who refer to themselves as the biggest star in the universe. Molly tells me I live in unicorn land at times. For Kanye, I think he has permanent residence. This is not to say I didn't enjoy myself. I can't say I'm a huge Kanye fan, but I did like some of the songs I knew - I Wonder, Stronger, Gold Digger and a few others. I just wish he would be a little more humble at times.

The time spent after the concert was Dennis and I figuring out for an hour and a half that no cabs came near the United center and taking a bus to the Loop and catching the Red line, almost pissing our pants and getting a cab back home. It was our own glow in the dark, space adventure in the city.

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