Sunday was a good day, Mother's Day. I don't see my mom much anymore, but I think of her everyday. She was happy to see we made her dinner and sangria. The lasagna was good, but I needed to improve my recipe of the sangria. I will let you know how that comes along. The kids are getting so big and so smart. Ellerie is reading books by herself. Gavin has discovered an online game where you can buy and sell stuff for your room (much like The Sims). And Garrett is talking non-stop and is really developing his own self.
For Mother's Day, I treated my mom and Dawn to two hours at Serenity Day Spa. It was a present I would love for myself, but I know they need it much more than me. It was nice to have Dennis there as well, his family doesn't really celebrate this day so he came with. The kids adore him and he gets them into trouble with using words such as poopey.
I think Mother's need more than just a day, at least my mom does. She is such an amazing, loving, caring, understanding woman. One I would never exchange for another. I couldn't ask for a better Mother.
Thank you mom.

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