wash 'em away

Tonight as I was about to start laundry my mom asked me if I wanted to go to church with her. Now, her asking me to go to church is actually her telling me I have to go. The Catholic guilt a mother can put on her child is endless - so, of course I went to church.

As I was sitting listening to the sermon about starting over and washing away your sins, but just the ash cross, it made me wonder. It seems they always focus on people sinning - when do they focus more on the good things that happen (this excludes Easter and Christmas). Maybe it's more like the news, how you only hear of the negative things that happen. This aside, I also wonder why Fat Tuesday is on Tuesday. Why couldn't it be on a better day, like Saturday. You can get a lot more sinning in on a weekend than you could on a weekday. Just a thought.

Now that my sins are wiped clean, I can start being naughty again. I started by eating meat, twice. And there's always dirty thoughts in my head, so there goes some more sins. How do they make it ok to eat fish on Ash Wednesday and Good Fridays, but not beef? I think they need to revamp their ideals.

So many questions, so few answers. I'll just stick to sinning.

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Katie said...

The bible thumpers are going to get you!