I told Dennis he was my new trainer at the gym. He kept asking me what I wanted to do or work on. I said, just as long as I have muscles like you, I don't really care.

"Do you like to do pull-ups?"
"Ummmm...does anybody?"

I know you can imagine I didn't do very many pull-ups. I think they're the devil's work. To top it off my body twitched in weird places when I gave my attempts. I will definately be working on that workout in the future.

Another thing I hate is a lot of people there. I am not very self-conscious, but I feel like an idiot doing certain things in front of people. I am weak in the strength sense, maybe that's what I am uncomfortable about. I haven't figured it out, but whatever it is, I'm sure it'll go away - or at least I hope it does.

I hope he lights the fire under my ass more to work on my fitness, just because I'm so lazy.


Katie said...

It's not a place you go to have fun. I know that for sure.

Heather B said...

Woooooo pull ups!

I love them so much, I almost did one once ;)