and i ran

Such another good weekend. Last night Dennis and I grabbed Hiro take-out and ate at Amy's. It's just as good, and you don't have to wait forever to get a table. We saw Vantage Point that evening as well, you should definitely go see it.

Today was a run day. Fun-day, run-day. Dawn, Dennis and I ran the entire lake. Well, we talked twice, but I'd say that isn't bad. It totals about to seven miles. I thought I was going to die near the end of it, but Dennis didn't seemed phased at all. Lucky bastard. I tell myself it's because I don't run very often, which I think may be the case. I am working my way up to the half marathon. Here I come!

After the run and somewhere soon after me falling to the floor, we made sushi. I've never made it before so it was prety good times. We used the following ingredients: crab, smoked salmon, cucumbers, avacado (this was just for me), carrots, thai chips, sausage, snow peas, and lunch meat. I know some of those things sound like a crack head's sushi roll, but they were delicious. And we made enough to feed Tokyo. No seriously, the plate weighed at least five pounds.

Now the weekend is over. My horoscope said that there were will some bad ass things happening on the 28th & 29th that will involve some exploring. Now, I don't think that could be bad at all.


Katie said...

MMM!!! Except I'd take mine without the lunch meat. I'll help next time!

Danelle The PR Girl... said...

me too please!

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