asian say what?

Today has been a good day. I had an interview that I think went pretty well (but I'm still crossing my fingers) and I had lunch with Dennis. We dominated hamburgers and he had an edrink with his meal, which I find to be a little odd. Afterwards we went to the Asian store to pick up things to make sushi. While we were there I found some items to be hilarious...

Oysters as large as a small child...MMM

This looks like something you would feed your dog.

So funny - this snack reads: How delicious it can not forget, special taste, return the ture flavour. Give you the infinite feeling.

Ok, I have something to say about this: A) I was so confused what ture was. Dennis told me it was supposed to be true. B) What is this infinite feeling I'm getting from this?! Whatever it is, I hope it's good.

I saved the best for last. True, his label doesn't read anything humourous, but he does say things that make me laugh.

While standing in line he asked what I wanted in my sushi. I said there has to be avocados in it. And then I asked if we will put salmon in it. He said no. I was informed of the turkey bacon-potato chip-deli meat roll. Doesn't it sound...interesting? Oh, those crazy Asians.

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denisu33 said...

You had to put that dorky picture of me up?? You can totally see the poo on my face... ewww!