come out fall
i know you're there
the summer is lovely
but she gets very hot
and way too humid
fall, you have pretty leaves
and crisp air
summer makes me sweat
and makes people smell
(oh, but never me)
so come out fall
we need you here
to drink beer
in our sweaters
with the fire on
roasting some s'mpores
because they're delicious
with all that chocolate
i'm such a sucker for that chocolate
so hurry up fall
babe and gina and i need that cider
at the orchard
in nebraska
i always buy two gallons
but never drink them
because i forget i have them
but i will this year so pay no attention
i'll be waiting for you fall


Heather B said...

Yay for cider & chocolate :)

Katie said...

come out fall, but leave your pollen and ragweed behind!