dream no. 1

I woke up from a phone call around 3 a.m. with Heather asking me if I could name a Trina song.

I responded with 'Da Baddest Bitch.'

The things is though, I was having some not good dreams. I had a dream that my MySpace came back - with all my friends intact, and this weird floral print/garden scene as the background picture.

I also had a dream I was the young Michael Meyers. I remember me and some friends (who happened to be older guys) were talking about knives. And then we all put on that scary mask and blue jump suits (this sounds like a bad dance video). The things is, I killed them by chopping off their heads. I remember my mom being upset with me. I don't think it was my real mom, but nonetheless, I had to go to a special school for it. Guess what - there just so happened to be two midgets there! I rearranged everyone's beds on the floor and they got mad at me. I tried to convince them I wouldn't chop anymore heads off - but that didn't work.

As a side note, the ocean was in my bed. With a little beach and surf boards too.


Katie said...

Hmmm...dream interpreter anyone?

Danelle The Girl... said...

wow weird.
i had a dream that i was traveling again...going to japan but ended up in russia or something- and i forgot to pack a bunch of things. and didnt have my new passport holder so i went back home to get it.
then i woke up and had a dream that there were huge tornadoes and i video taped them on my phone and my mom was going to run out and get sucked into one on purpose...she just ran out into the road and put her hand up- but i grabbed her and she was ok. but then when i watched the video on my phone it was like a 2 minute news package. nice. haha.

Heather B said...

I knew you would never fail me when it comes to gangsta female rappers.

Bryan said...

Wow. That's some dream dude!