her piano

hello, hello, have you had some Heinniken, hello
i haven’t yet
or i would *hic* fall off my piano stool
and everything would go horrible
i think i should not be allowed to do much when i sit at my piano
at my pianoi think that i should not be allowed to do much when i sit my piano
otherwise i won’t be able to keep my mind on what i’m doing
keep my mind on what i’m doing
and maybe i would fall off and then i’d have to crawl on the ground
and i have before
at some college when i fell off my piano stool
but i had not been drinking
that’s what’s so horrible
is i was totally straight, totally sane
and i could do nothing
absolutely nothing
so maybe i should i should have a drink
and you should pass me up right nowa Heinniken
but i don’t drink beer
so could you pass me up a nice Château, maybe a Bordeaux
cuz we are here now
having our secrets
someone is smoking something nice
but, boy, i’d like to have it now, oh, hello
my piano, she’s not smoking
she gave up last week and so we have these hidden little things
she’s got her patches
don’t tell…the organ, they’d been having a fight
so she is sexy in her patches
but i may just give her some, a little puff-puff-puff-puff-puff
while i have a little bit of some Bordeaux-love
with my piano, my piano
she’s my girl, my baby, my lady
see i love this one, yes, my only one
*i’m such a liar*
i’ve got three of these and one’s at home
and one’s in Florida, so
i am flirting with this piano
she’s a new one that i picked up very recently
don’t you think she’s a loud one
my piano
she’s never toured anywhere
she’s only been on British air, heh
my piano
she loves this life
she’s just wants you to come around
from now til the end of December
and I’ll bring Santa
and I’ll bring my dolls
and we’ll be and we’ll see you all there

Read about her falling off her stool during Blood Roses.

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