your cloud

The past few days feels as if i've not been here. I'm talking about in my body here, on earth here. It's a lot like walking through a strange dream, one you won't remember many of the details because it seemed to bounce and skip, not recalling certain clips. The clips before all of it were not of those of nightmares, but of calmness. Somewhere the dark clouds rolled in my head, and the storm broke. I so much wanted to find cover from the harshness of the winds and rain, but it appeared to be missing. Is it still there? Can it be found? Can we find our cloud we once called ours, or do we pick out our own cloud?

your cloud

Who we were
isn't lost
Before we were
Indigo in his
Blue always
knew this
if the rain
to separate from
Itself does it say
pick out your

If there is a Horizontal Line
that runs from the MAP
off your body straight through
the Land shooting up
right through my heart
Will this Horizontal Line
when asked know how to find
Where you end
where I begin
"pick out your

"Here she goes uhh trundling across the country making her way somewhere, not quite sure where it's leading her. But she goes to the Mississippi and not far out of Memphis is where umm there's a national monument. There's this acknowledgment of where alot of the Cherokees died, didn't make it to Indian territory on the Trail of Tears, where alot of them perished. And in Your Cloud, so much of it is about segregation - even of a raindrop. The separation that the tearing apart of a tear, extracting that. Cutting that apart - the division. It's about separating that which you cannot separate. Not really. There will be strands, there will be molecules. And taking those people from their land. The land of the ancestors. Taking a child away from it's mother. That doesn't mean that there aren't pieces of that child still in that mother just because it's been, you know, delivered from her womb. Because a couple separates doesn't mean that there aren't pieces of him still in her."
-Tori Amos, Scarlet Stories

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