reactions. we all have them. some tend to be a little harsh and on the cruel side. sometimes they never come at all. we just sit and wait for it to come. sometimes we look for other's reactions.

they come in all shapes and sizes. colors and density. temperature and meaning.

i have always reacted with my first thought. not really thinking about its affects on other people. i'm quick to act or speak out in the instance something happens. i am learning this isn't always the best approah for getting your idea across.

i write with the intentions to speak my mind. not for others to react. well, why put it out there if you don't want people to respond to it. because let's face it, people read it and have a reaction, whether it's good or bad. i read them. it can hurt - it can make me have a great feeling too.

certain times, we get ourselves into situations where we can't physically react. in my head, so many things need to be said. but i know i can't.

here is to reactions. making them public. keeping them private. keeping them thoughful. keeping them in the best interest of others.

(get well soon).

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