new friend

Last Friday after Danelle and I had gotten back to the office from running errands, we found a creature under a car in our parking lot. We weren't very sure what is was. It looked like a beaver, but it didn't have a tail - plus there aren't any dams around here. We decided it was a badger. We named him Boris.

But now I doubt our decision making in considering him a badger. He looks nothing like one, and we don't think he is very mean. So, he will just be Boris for now, until further notice.


Danelle the Photographer said...

ohh boris who lives under the bmw. i miss you so, come back home- so we will know-that you are alive and well and that our little friend hasn't died of heat exhaustion.

molly said...

EWW...name him Doris. Remember that is one of the dinosaurs names from Bellevue. She had a hairy mole too.