fcuking get over it

Going along with Mollie's blog about BeBe, I am attacking French Connection United Kingdom. Yes, at first they were interesting and cutting edge. But now, everyone from Vegas to Omaha is fcuking. And it's getting old.

'I'm sorry, does your shirt say 'fuck' on it?'
'No, no. It's F-C-U-K.'

People loved the attention it brought upon them. But people, I'm over them, along with a great number of other people. So please, stop bringing more attention to yourself and dispose of your FCUK shirt that you got on holiday. And look into purchasing something from Mr. Kors.


nancy said...

Maybe I'm sheltered because I have never seen anyone wear a bebe shirt or a fcuk shirt.

Danelle the Photographer said...

this reminds me of someone in london only wanting to go into fcuk...lame...ring a bell?