In the heart of cheese country...

This is an email I received from my pal, Brian. May he find his way to good cheese and hot ass in the state of Wisconson.

Remember that Kristy Alley movie where her daughter was in that Wisconsin beauty pagent? I think i'm there. I fully expect to see a flaming parade float go charging by. I'm in this rinkity ass 'coffee shop' as we speak. I orginally had suspisions that it might be one of those 'christian bookstores' but i overlooked that at the possibilitiy of free wi-fi...which apparently is the only place the internet exists up here. My suspisions were confirmed when I attempted to log on to gay.com and manhunt (see the below message of what I recieved.) Seeing as this is a catholic book store i thought there would be pleanty of access to gay related sites...i mean
what about the priests...god doesn't just send them gay porn. If he did that would be fucking awesome. In addition to not allowing me to access porn, i also cannot access aim, yahoo, or myspace...they probably don't want their kin to reach to access the outside world...this is the new waco.

after the 7 hour drive we had dinner at this little steak place....i had a steak fries and a beer for $8! if only the cheap food made up for the environment. luckily there are airplanes here...millions of them...every 5 seconds one flies over...i heart it.

i hope all is well...i'm going to go find some priests...



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