Is it bad to try and not care about certain things? Bad in the fact it means a lot to someone else, but you know, for your own sake, and sanity, to put it aside and let it fall waist-side where it will dangle, loosen and fall. I feel cruel. I don't know why. Patches and stitches won't work on this one, not this time. I feel cruel, because I've been there before. It was hell, but I did survive (as most usually do). It's a continuous war on the inside, against yourself. I feel cruel for feeling the things I've felt. Knowing I couldn't help it, this is my war on the inside. I still fight it from day to day. Time will heal that war and the inside. And time will also patch and stitch. Just give it time.


JLauren said...

Did you make that up on your own?


is it "like some famous quote or something?"

Jimmy said...

all my own.