lots of trees and a waterfall

We returned from Portland today. We celebrated Chelsea's birthday BWAP style. For those who are unaware of what BWAP is, it's Birthday Weekend At Portland. I know what you're thinking, 'At Portland' makes no sense. We originally celebrated Nes' birthday, BWALT - Birthday Weekend At Lake Tahoe, and it made sense to keep 'At.'

Anyways, I digress. The trip got off to a bad start with our flight to Denver being cancled. We ended up driving ourselves to Des Moines, Iowa to make it to Portland that evening. Our connecting flight was at O'Hare. There, we made friends with Paul and Jordan, local residents of Portland. With our flight being delayed we found ourselves in an airport bar with Chelsea yelling "It's my birthday!" to everyone. We boarded the plane, Chelsea saw a penis under Paul's coat lit by the light of his cell phone, and Dennis and I napped.

I will blog individually about our experiences while in Portland. But I will say, it's a very beautiful city filled with lots of what seemed like earthy people, and I liked that. We saw a drag show that had been around for over 30 years, male strippers who were raping the innocent, a China town gas station with locked everything, Chelsea poop every five minutes, and an angry cyclist. My favorites were the Japanese Gardens and The Grotto, both so beautiful.

Our flight home was also a doozy. No one had us down on a flight so we fought with Frontier to find us a way back to Des Moines, where my car was parked. Thank you Frontier Girl who helped us.

Happy Birthday Chelsea, I hope BWAP was everything you'd hoped for.

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Jeff Keesee said...

I can't wait to here all about your trip! ...and if you'll be going back for World Naked Bike Ride Day!