happiest day of the year

Today is considered the happiest day of the year. I would tend to disagree. I think you should works towards everyday being the happiest.

Today is a wonderful though. Dennis and I are taking half days at work, so our weekend will start at noon. We will most likely get our new dog this weekend! We're having a cookout at the compound this evening. Tomorrow we will be having a bbq at our house.

According to a psychologist, he developed the formula for the happiest day of the year. His formula doesn't make any damn sense to me, but here it is: O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He (O - outdoors and outdoor activity, N - nature, S - social interaction, Cpm - childhood summer and positive memories, T - temperature, and He - holidays and anticipating time off).

Crazy formula aside, there's so many great things on such a great day. Here's to you best day of the year.

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Katie said...

Also the longest day of the year. I'd say it was a pretty great one for me!