I am over winter. A light snow is nice. Some cold weather where it gives you a chill is also lovely - mainly because you can wear sweaters and scarves. But this cold-to-the-bone, crippling, snot-freezing, "i fucking hate this," run to your car after you get out of the movie kind of weather has got to end. Come on global warming, you make it unbearable in the summer and make us freeze our balls off in the winter. Make up your mind and find a happy medium.

That aside, I saw Sweeny Todd with a small portion of the London group. It was good. I think any story is a good story with music and blood in it. The music is catchy and the make-up and costumes were wonderful. Everyone need to see this.

I also caught a trailer for a new movie called 'The Ruins.' It looks crazy! I'm a sucker for a scary movie, until I actually have to sit and watch it, then I bite all my nails and stare at my crotch the entire movie.


Heather B said...

"I'm a sucker for a scary movie."

That made me L O L :)

Katie said...

Danelle thought The Ruins was The Runs. A terrifying movie about diarrhea.

Danelle The PR Girl... said...

how horrible would that be?