print work

Last year Katie asked me to help Metro out with their fall campaign, or maybe it was winter. Anyways, I helped them. I had to dress in business attire and wear my glasses.

While at lunch a couple weeks ago with Nicki and Joe, from work, we were sitting in this Mexican restaurant waiting to order our food. Nicki glances towards the front windows and asked, "Jimmy, why are you in that poster?"

I gave her a crazy, confused look. I too look at the front window, and there I am. I hadn't seen any of the Metro ads that I was in except a small one in the Reader. It makes me laugh. So what else could I do but steal it and hang it up in the back room at work. The funny thing about the poster is that one side is in English, the other in Spanish. Has anyone else noticed that I am the whitest guy alive?

All this makes me think of a story. While in college and in SPO, I brought Danny from the Real World. Molly, Mark and I took him out to lunch after his event. Molly, the question-asker she is asked what he does for a job when he isn't touring colleges. He replied with 'print work.' She asked who he wrote for and he said he didn't write, he did print work. We were all lost. Come to find out, print work is also modeling, but just a fancier name.

So now I can start telling people I do print work. What! What!


Katie said...

Your gateway print work is hanging above my desk!

Danelle The PR Girl... said...

yo quiero metro?