sweet escape

I've had such a wonderful evening. Ashley invited me to go with her to see Gwen Stefani tonight. I was worried it wouldn't be very good from the performances on the night shows I've seen of her - but this was awesome. It was much like a No Doubt show - sans band members. She gave the same energy and had an amazing voice (no faking the vocals here).

Some of the highlights for me were:
Holla Back Girl
Rich Girl
Sweet Escape
Early Winter
What You Waiting For - which was by far the best of the whole night.

We did happen to sit next to the one person who brought pot and decided to smoke it around 10-year-olds. She was crazy and kept giving us high-fives during the show. The girls to my left also gave me a high-five - I think for my continuous dancing, singing and screaming. Thank you Ashley for letting me go with. Ben Harper here we come.


Katie said...

I would've asked to sit by Gavin Rosdale.

Ashley said...

me too. Gwen is sooo cute too. And thank you jimbo for coming with me!:)