Thursday evening, a new Omaha bar/venue had a soft opening. I was excited to go because Bright Eyes was playing a surprise show. My first impression of Slowdown was 'HOLY SHIT!' The place is amazing.

I went back again Friday evening to see five bands play:
Cap Gun Coup
Flowers Forever
Now, Archimedes
Art in Manila - This was my first time seeing one of Corey's bands. They rocked it.
Little Brazil - They definitely rocked my face off last night.

Tonight, another five bands play, but I will be at Ben Harper.
Mal Madrigal
The Terminals
Lady Finger
Bear Country
Neva Dinova

Another awesome show at an awesome bar. One of the best things it also has to offer is their collection of board games and a photo booth, so rad.

*Photos from Lazy-i.

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Katie said...

That place is bangin. We should go and play board games on an off night.