backwards talk

i am full of snot. how attractive is that?
i feel like i am the gross kid in class that nobody wants to sit next to.
i would like you all to say a little prayer at night, wishing me to be well by morning.
why by morning, you ask?
well, i am in need of a run and some exercise.
i hate 'resting' for too long of a period.
and i just am tired of feeling like a pile of shit.

dawn and todd are close to putting in a pool.
i was helping todd tonight with moving dirt from point a to b.
my labor resulted in a blister next to my left thumb.

i ate mcdonald's and godfather's pizza today.
i thought to myself, why do i eat the unhealthy food
when i can't taste it?

my chin gets infected when the hair grows wrong on it,
resulting with infected hair follicles.
this might be why i am sick.
once again, i'm the gross kid.
my uncle will told me to shave with a single blade instead of three.
i told him i live by the mach 3 - he told me to stop.
he went into how the military has been dealing with this problem for years.
they shave with a single blade.
i tried.
it felt like it was ripping flesh.
i'll stick with my mach 3.

i am getting more comfortable with my co-workers.
i have never mentioned them here.
i work with many-a-latinas and two white girls.
after a month of working with them i have only picked up one phrase:
algo mas = is there anything else i can get for you?
i would like to know another language,
but spanish is not one of them.
it is more like third or fourth on my list.

i read margot and the nuclear so and so's will be in kansas city
august 2.
i am going.
they are also coming out with a new album.
prepare yourselves to have your mind blown.

someone from half a year ago is finding their way back in.
i like that.

i went to nebraska furniture mart today.
my camera will soon be fixed -
i hope videos and photos will result.

if you don't have rufus wainwright's new album
release the stars,
go buy it.
no questions asked.

is anyone else as pumped as i am for transformers (the movie)?
i think i tinkle every time i see a preview.

i finally have insurance.
aren't a big kid now?!

alright, i will spare you anything else that is random.


Jason. said...

single blade is definitely the way to go; and shave in the shower immediately after washing your face.

I'm also full of snot, but I'd sit next to you all day. . . well unless you're holding mcdonalds.

politics is not bait, sir.

Katie said...

I'm sorry about your infected follicles.

Danelle the Tour Manager said...

dear god,
please let jimmy and i be less snotty. we would like to be in public without tissues or medication.
thanks big guy,
love danelle