birthday girl

Friday was My mom's birthday. Dawn, Dennis and I celebrated by taking her to lunch at M's Pub. It was tasty tasty. That evening Dennis made everyone Tacos and we watched Indian Jones.

Last night we had a party at the compound. My mom looked like an alcoholic with all the wine she received as presents. That lady does enjoy the drink.

Dawn made a Dump Cake. It's ingredients make a delicious dessert: white cake, pineapple, cherries, and lots of sugar! She also made a watermelon drink. All I know is it was all alcohol and it was good.

We tried to teach people floppy lips. Gavin can't do it yet. Garrett just spits everywhere. Todd's mom had the best ones.

Gavin: Call a vet because these are sick puppies!

My mom is an amazing woman. That's all there is to it. Here's to many more birthdays.


Heather B said...

whos Indian Jones?


Heather B said...
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