Dennis is teaching me piano. I'm still in the very beginning stages. It's actually ridiculous how I can't recall any notes from playing cello. But we're in the now. And we're trying to learn the G key now. I was perfectly fine with A, B, C, D, and E for both hands. They had to throw in F and G. I can hardly play Tumbling In The Leaves with is only a couple measures. Why can't I be a prodigy such as Tori. It's moments like these where I wish I had pushy parents that enrolled me in something musical and made me stay put.

Another problem I have is timing. Dennis suggests I use the metronome. I say that it confuses me and I find it tricky to play with. I find myself off beat and tripping over my fingers.

Patience. They tell us in dog training we need patience. I don't have very much of this. I'm praying for the day I am fine with practicing Leaves over and over without wanting to quit.

I'm also debating recording a video of these silly practice sessions. Just don't laugh to my face.

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Katie said...

Middle C. It's all you need to know.