peace the f out

Peace out First National, for I have gone on to bigger and better things. This is, of course, if I pass my background check and drug test. After applying to at least 10 positions within First National, and only getting interviewed for one, I applied at First Data. I had two interviews for two different positions, and I got the later of the two. I don't know my exact start date, but I assume it may be in the middle of April. This means I will have a week or so of free time - who wants to do lunch?!

Many of you probably have no clue why I am so excited. Let me give you a list of reasons:
-More money
-No Mexicans
-No smelly Mexicans
-No coke nails
-No people who can't speak English or fill out deposit slips
-No bitchy people or women with beards
-No one asking for the new quarters or dollar coin
-No more lines wrapping out of the door
-Normal working hours...NO WEEKENDS!
-Management who doesn't speak broken English
-Picnics with Dennis (best reason of all)
-Unblocked websites (Dlisted, PostSecret, SomeECards, Perez)
-The idea I can actually move out of my mom's house

These are just a few out of the many reasons, but you get the idea. I just find that it's shit that a company can say they want you to move up and grow, but this didn't happen with me. Banks view the teller line as the bottom of the barrel within itself. The truth is, they are the front line to that bank and if you treat them like shit, they'll in turn have poor customer service, which is what I was heading to. So, this said - goodbye.

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Katie said...

If you begin to yearn for First National, I will grow my beard. Just for you.