one quarter

In about one hour I'll be 25. What does that mean? Well...I have a mediocre job. I'm not too excited about it. I have good friends. That makes me happy. I recently discovered HyVee carries HoeGaarden - that makes me very happy! I got to travel a lot, another swell thing. All in all, I'd sad 25 isn't looking too bad. I would say cheaper insurance, but that isn't something I pay attention to. Maybe at 25 I will start. Maybe I will get a better job, a meaningful one. Or maybe I will stay aloof and off path. It seems to have worked so far.

Tonight I had dinner with Mary. I love her. We don't get to hang out much and we both live in the same city. Poor excuses! Anyways, dinner was delicious (M's Pub) and on our way out we talked to a very nice Norwegian man who was in town for a wedding. He asked us about Wal-Mart and we told him to stay away. He wouldn't stop talking to us in the 20 degree weather, but I figured it must be a lot colder in Norway, so it doesn't bother him. Tomorrow he is going to some tennis deal at the Qwest center, which he seemed thrilled about. He told us about Vegas and how it's only $20 for a lap dance, as opposed to $100 back home. Oh, the stories of a Norwegian. I wanted to put him in my pocket and keep him for my birthday present, but that might be weird.

If this seems a little dark, I apologize - I get to work 55 hours this week and I have clothes in the wash machine that need taken out. Do you think that will happen? I think both you and I know it won't. Happy birthday to me!


Danelle The PR Girl... said...

happy birthday pal!
cheers to a great 25th year!

Anonymous said...

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Nate said...

Happy belated birthday man. Hope life keeps treatin you good.