windy wedding

Last weekend I attended Meghan and Kevin's wedding in Chicago. It was a wonderful time. Everything was beautiful - from the bride to the decorations, and down to caramel apples as a gift to the guests. Open bar found me with my short off showing Ashley and a few select others my new tattoo. The only thing that could have been better was to hear Bette Davis Eyes and shake my groove thing to it.

That night Alex and I found an iPhone in our cab. I made him give it back. He also ate a breakfast sandwhich from 7-11. Not having those here made me worry that he was eating something with 'egg' in it. I have always thought of them as gas stations, but they are a step above.

The next day we went to one of my favorites, Bongo Room. Alex thought Wicker Park as trashy and ghetto. I happen to enjoy it. That night we went to have dinner with the group and headed over to Wrigleyville for drinks. It was insanely busy and we saw lots of people dressed at bananas.

Every time I visit Chicago I get an itch to move there. Maybe that itch will go away, maybe not. Maybe someday (soon?) I will become a resident. Anyways, congrats Meghan and Kevin!

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lucas miré said...

ok i thought this post was a joke -- have you heard this AMAZING song called "Megan & Kevin" by Anne Heaton. Go get it at the iTunes store. So cute!