man's man

Last night I got a call from a good friend who's wedding I'm in on Saturday. He informs me that it's his night of a 'bachelor's party.' While I had intentions on taking them to a ladies club, we decided against due to time restrictions. We drank beer. We played pool. Yes, I played pool, and even had one glory shot where two balls went in the hole (or whatever you call it). These two balls happened to be the other teams.

Franz, my friend getting married is Indian. Therefore, I'm very jealous of him and his skin. He moved into the Doubletree because Ann is stressing. Or, her mom is stressing which is making her stressed. However girls work. I was invited back to play poker and drink more beer. I had to take a rain check because I was already half asleep.

The night came to a close. I'm very excited for Saturday. Me in a tux in 93 degree weather will be a sight to see. But most of all Ann, and her more than traditional wedding will be a sight.


alex's mommy said...

I have some fantastic pictures that prove you know your way around the pool table! LOL....but lets's keep that on the dl

Jimmy said...

i thought those would have been lost by now!!!