from center stage to center trailer

The poor thing isn't going to get her career back. And she won't win mother of the year. So where does she belong?

I know of a perfect spot where Mrs. Britney Spears-Federline could fit in. Thomas Jefferson High School. My old stomping ground. Where there were six pregnant girls in my senior class (not counting the pregnant girls in the other grades). She already has the clothes to fit in - the too tight mini skirt, the Deb's tank top with hot pink bra slightly showing. She, my friends, does belong.

Her interview was horrid. Bad make-up. Bad Answers. Bad clothes. Bad lighting. Bad...well, you get the idea. Tori Amos sums it up wonderfully:

Got a blackberry stain
and they're not even in season
if you're not yet a woman
you got no business playing at this


molly said...

she just needs a hug.

nancy said...

i wonder what kind of gum she was chewing....

alex's mommy said...

I couldn't belive her people would let her go on t.v. like that! I was amazed. Not only was it on once but they reran it lastnight! I truly think watching this interview once was enough!

Ashley said...

Jimmy, It's "er" not "or" in trailer hello?!

Jimmy said...

Thanks for pointing out my flaws Ashley. (See, maybe I fit in at TJ too!)