evil draw four eyes

After a wonderful dinner filled with carbs and alfredo sauce, Mollie, Babe, Michael and I played a few rounds of UNO. It was definately the ladies evening, their hands filled with draw 4's and skips. I have a good feeling the next time we play Michael and I will gain back the boy's title of UNO champs.

Dear UNO Gods: I know I need to work on my anger and frustration management during the game, but I am starting to enjoy giving dirty looks at the players next to me, it gives them a chuckle.


Anonymous said...

I think that your true UNO talents come out after a few more glasses of wine. Draw 2, Draw 2, ....Jimmy's dirty look.

JLauren said...

You'll neva re-gain the crown of UNO champ. The ladies will reign foreva!