Can I take a ride on your rocket
take me far from here
I want a ride on your rocket
Shine up your metallic gears
Once you get me on board
We can hustle the universe
Hide out in shadows and galaxies
When we ride on your rocket
We’ll spill your fears
Spread and swirl them like the milky way
Earth is just a blue ball that looks like a tear drop
Just a tear drop that needs a rocket
To take me far from here


Dylan said...

Are these your original poems? Also your last line on rocket should say "To take me far from away",because I think it rhymes more.

James Kernan Ferrin said...

Yes, they're all my own.

John Medd said...

James, would you mind if I put some music to Rocket?

Just Me said...

Great blog. Some very nice posts. Thanks

James Kernan Ferrin said...

John...go right ahead!

SaysMindy said...

Very nice :)

qifei2012 said...

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