i have dreams

If you’re close to me you know I have strange and intense dreams. They play out like films that I can pause and play back. I can usually recall most of my dreams and will even have the same dream multiple times or pick up where I left off from one. The past few nights have been an intense night of dreams where I wake up basically exhausted from sleeping.

Justin Bieber was driving me around in a yellow Maserati. I believe he was at least 18 at the time and he was talking about how he loved to tour, but he wasn’t happy until he settled down with someone he cared about. He goes on to tell me he wants to be with me. (Keep in mind, I’m not a Bieber Fever fan whatsoever or even find 10 year olds attractive.) I told him he would have to tell the entire world I was his boyfriend if he wanted to go that route. He drove me to this old house where we were visiting a family member of mine. I walked into the bedroom only to discover different ghosts hovering over the bed. They were all the color of green and had large mouths. I remember having discussions with them and informed them I was terrified of their appearance and demeanor. As I walked out of the house the surroundings changed to an old hotel; it was like a ghost town and it seemed like a storm was approaching. I remember a few small children were without parents – they seemed possessed or zombie-like and kept warning me about something. Then my alarm went off.

The dream started with the frame of a house on top of a hill. My mom was building it by herself. I asked what she was building it for and she told me there was something big coming and she needed to be prepared. I told her I needed to do a few things before work and that I would be back to help her. Whatever it is that I was doing prior to work I have no clue, because I didn’t do anything except lounge around and gather books. (I’m not a very big reader, or a reader at all for that matter.) I found myself being driven around in a black Lincoln which was a company car, at this time I was a few hours late to work. I went back to see my mom’s progress on the house – the hill the house stood on seemed to be getting taller. The house was almost complete – she now had the help from the hosts of the Biggest Loser. There were lots of kids running around the house and carrying things. My mom told me the thing that was coming was almost here and I should maybe get to work if I needed to. I looked at my watch and it was now 2 pm and I was very late to work. I had the driver of the Lincoln take me to work -instantly streets started to fill with water. I was confused because there was no rain in our area – but it surrounded us like a square. The clouds dark and water poured from the sky. We picked up several people along the way – and they were all at fast food restaurants. I made it to work right as my shift ended and was stressed out that I would be in trouble. But all I was worried about was where the driver should drop me off at. Then my alarm went off.

I should’ve written this dream down first as the main points escaped my brain already. This dream involved lots of music and more water. I remember there were mermaids there, but some had legs because they wanted to dance.


Anonymous said...

randomly found you by flipping through blog pages.

i used to have a lot of dreams involving water too. i often use dreammoods.com as a dream dictionary.

thanks for sharing, this sparked as another blog topic i want to post about.

kudos to more male bloggers =)


Majid Ali said...

Please Join me at Positive Thoughts and see the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING within you. God bless you.

janet h said...

oh geez i laughed as i read about Justin Bieber, anyways nice blog!

jarumpatah said...

hoho..funny ;D