She writes so loud

We once were...

a community of bloggers. A group that lived and breathed blogging. An event would happen and we'd exclaim, "I have to blog about that!" A group where individuals blogged daily. Sometimes more than once a day. And the comments flowed like honey. Lots of comments. And responses to the comments.

We were led and inspired by The Red Portfolio: the oldest and wisest of the bloggers. One who blogged about heartache and fashion and other bloggers. Simple blogs. Lovely blogs.

Then there was the maniac herself. Who told us grand stories through photos. Never a blog of despair, Danelle P took us on trips, brought us through her engagement and wedding and kept us upbeat, while our other blogs were peppered with demons.

Our most common denominator, Operation Peter Pan, was who our hearts laid with. Never lacking a song (especially Tori) or a poem or a vlog. We were with Peter when he found love and lost love. When he took the greatest leap and felt the greatest heartache. He was ours and brought us together.

We followed Cubical Relief, Just Keep Swimming, What the Funk and How Typical. They followed us. We lived for the notifications of new blogs. Reading a new blog was Christmas. And writing a new blog was therapy.

We once were a community of bloggers. Now our community has dwindled and faded away. The maniac is still great about updates, but for the rest of us, well we've found new therapies. Or maybe we don't need our therapy anymore. Maybe the things we used to blog about don't exist in our lives anymore. Heartache was replaced by love. Despair by content. Limitless time by full schedules.

We once were a community of bloggers. We still are in archives and our hearts.


This touched me. Seriously. I loved those days. We were all finishing up our degrees and moving on to our first real job. Nancy loved it when the bloggers would unite and she would exclaim so. She mentioned how I was the glue that held everyone together. To me, everyone held each other together through all of our adventures, heartaches, or stories we have shared on this virtual world.

It's our photo book of our lives in the past years. We can click a page and it will take us back to that moment. With our stories, we have weaved ourselves together, glue made of smiles and tears, losses and gains. These stories are forever in my heart.


Katie said...

My biggest motivator to keep blogging is the joy I feel when I click on one of our archives and I can remember exactly how I felt at the time the blog was written or read. Sometimes its sadness or joy or confusion or elation or despair. But reminiscing always creates a fond feeling.

Michael said...


Maybe I will try this again.