one night only

Two and a half years ago a lovely bar closed. Joy was one of the few gay bars in Omaha. I enjoyed going because of the atmosphere and good drinks - they also played bangin' music. I'm not sure why it closed, but all the queers had to go to Max from that point on.

After closing, they re-opened it as Joseph's, a 30s single bar that failed.

Last night, however, Joy opened for one night only. A drag show of all the original N'Joy girls took place and they filled the place by 10 p.m.

This photo doesn't do this behind any justice. That is the rear end of the owner of Joy, Eric. He now does drag and does wonderfully at it. Jeffrey also did a great show of Spoon Full of Sugar/Umbrella. The closing performance of Eric was entertaining. Kevin made a rad backup dancer. Kevin, if you're reading this, please return my boxer briefs asap.

Matt's after hours are awesome as always. I don't know how people stay up so late. But I made it until 4 a.m. I was proud of myself. I love nights like these. You get to see people you don't always get to see, and that's a very nice thing.

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Katie said...

I know how people stay up so late!