little green men, they do ok

So the story goes, St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland for his efforts in converting the country of Ireland to Christianity. He sailed in on a ship and changed the people's views on God, whiping out Pagan beliefs. Also comparing his beliefs of the Trinity of the Unity to a plant (the shamrock). The myth of him clearing the country of slithering pests also rings false. I feel the story views St. Pat ridding the snaked as him ridding Ireland of the serpent (Lucifer, i.e. Adam and Eve). So can someone please tell me - why do we like this guy?

To think of someone riding in on their ship, to a country they've never been to before and completely changing their beliefs, sounds like those crazy Christians that hand out brochures on their religion. A lady handed me one today and informed me, "You might want to read this, so you know where you'll end up after you die." Bitch please.

Maybe Pat had other motives, or maybe he was just like the crazy Christian lady. Either way, I raise my cup to him - for making shamrocks popular and for allowing beer and certain foods to be dyed green on the 17th of March.

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